About Us


APA – Albpartners is a national, collaborative network of preeminent companies in marketing, advertising and events, brand identity and design, printing and publishing, programming, multimedia, hospitality, etc.

APA – Albpartners, is a 7+ years of professional experience agency. It offers marketing, advertising and business services to all companies that are looking to be distinguished in the Albanian market, by promoting the local customer value and perception to a global attention.

We believe in creativity and creating memories

In a world addicted to speed where all events are just a blur you need the time to imagine while we have the time to make them a living memory.

We provide our consultancy and our experience

that intertwined with your details can bring to life your ideas to a more successful business.

We have the ability and capability

Our IN-HOUSE companies provide all that is needed for companies to succeed.

Our real expertise

consist in helping companies reach audiences more precisely.


Providing innovative and effective integrated marketing and events solutions to help our clients grow their businesses and achieve their marketing goals.


Delivering results oriented campaigns, that enhance our client’s image, improve their sales and foster their market performance.


  • We get to know our clients
  • We serve our client’s needs
  • We have great communication skills
  • We are creative
  • We are results – oriented

Meet the Team


We are dedicated to create, plan and handle marketing, promotion and events activities for our clients (one – stop – shop). We are the trusted partner where clients can find the competitive edge.

Advertising, Promotion and Communication:

  • Advertising
  • Promotional materials
  • Printing
  • Publishing
  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Copywriting
  • Signage

Event Creation and Management:

  • Organization and Coordination
  • Participants management
  • Event and site management
  • On-site support
  • Marketing
  • Media and press
  • Venue
  • Promotional products and displays
  • Digital displays